Self-Administered Surveys

A brief overview of the benefits of self-administered surveys. Readex has chosen to focus on the self-administered survey technique (mail and online) because it offers several advantages over alternative methods. Such as: Respondents answer at their convenience. There is no need to set up interview appointments. Surveys are delivered wherever the mail or email goes: […]

people on a computer

It’s important to look at your specific project and decide which quantitative survey method provides the right balance of your research objectives, available budget, and timing requirements. It is also helpful to look into the reliability of your current data. For example, while the email method may be economical, if you only have e-mail addresses […]

Director Stating Action

Data taken from 1,695 1-page, 4-color ads measured in 2011 Readex Message Impact® studies. Respondents were asked “What actions did/will you take after seeing this ad?” Response options included: Visit advertiser’s website, file for reference, discuss ad with others, contact advertiser, dealer or rep., recommend product/service, purchase product/service, no action, currently own or use, and […]

Sail Boats

For almost thirty years, SAIL has kept its finger on the pulse of all aspects of the sailing marketplace by conducting brand awareness and preference surveys. These surveys supply SAIL with data that illustrates how high exposure to the market yields high levels of awareness. Because SAIL’s has been conducting their surveys over time, the […]

Useful Data & Analytics

We’re often asked if survey results are “projectable.” Although it masquerades like one, it really isn’t a yes or no question. Here you’ll learn how to use details about sample and size to decide if the result is projectable. All Results are Projectable… When 3 people answer a question and 2 say no, the result […]


Will just any kind of incentive work? No. There are several factors you need to consider before selecting a survey incentive: It must have some perceived value to the respondent. If you don’t have time to test an incentive, there are many different types of incentives that have been used with various levels of success. […]

Research Results

Are you providing your advertisers and prospects with current and credible data about your audience? With media kit planning just around the corner, it might be time to conduct a readership survey. An important piece of quality research is how well it represents the audience being surveyed. Below is some information to help understand why […]

Crowd of People

Fifteen percent more readers reported that they saw 1-page ads than reported seeing half page ads. An additional 30% read 1-page ads over half pages. The boost in reader engagement with larger ads reinforces the decision to invest in larger advertising, even if the upgrade is to a larger fractional ad.

Reader Action

The analysis was based on studies conducted by Readex Research on behalf of publications.