Present Research Results

Your employee engagement survey is done. Now what? Employees will expect to hear something. Here are a few things to consider before, during and after you share the survey results.

1. Digest the information.

Even if your questionnaire isn’t lengthy, (but especially if it is), take time to let the results set in. Review the information, but then set it aside and revisit another couple times. Don’t let your initial reaction drive your process. Two to three reviews is optimal.

2. Decide how results will be communicated.

The wealth of information can be daunting. HR executives can review the results first and then present to key executives, before sharing with all employees. The group can then decide how and how much of the results should be shared. If specific feedback is directed to an individual, schedule a one-on-one meeting to deliver the results.

3. Be clear on what actions will be taken.

It’s realistic for employees to expect action from at least some of the results. Communicate what suggestions will be acted upon as well as expectations for those that can be done immediately and those that may need further research. Decide also how you will communicate and suggestions that will not be considered. If employees feel their feedback was listened to, they will be more willing to participate in future surveys.

For more information on how to make your employee survey successful, please feel free to contact Susan Griffith at 651-439-8066.

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