Demonstrate the value of your audience by describing their attributes, interests, and behaviors.
The final result of this study is a current and credible picture of your print, digital, and online audience.

This is Done by Measuring:

1. Who they are

2. What they do

3. What they buy

4. How they engage with your media

Survey results help support your sales and marketing initiatives, by becoming the source document for media kits, marketing campaigns, and customized presentations. As a result of being able to prove your claims, you’ll see more advertising and sponsorships. Document the value of the exposure you provide with results from an Audience Profile Study. Show that your results are from an independent and well-known third-party source, and you’ll boost your bottom line.

Readex Research sells these studies on a proposal basis, with prices driven by factors such as the method of data collection, questionnaire size/scope, sampling plan, and the deliverables. Some of our customers are content to receive nothing more than data tables at the conclusion of their project, while others request an in-depth description of the results.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interest.