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Brand Awareness surveys provide SAIL with priceless data that illustrates how high exposure to the market yields high levels of awareness.

For almost thirty years, SAIL has kept its finger on the pulse of all aspects of the sailing marketplace by conducting brand awareness and preference surveys. These surveys supply SAIL with data that illustrates how high exposure to the market yields high levels of awareness.

Because SAIL’s has been conducting their surveys over time, the results could be trended to show a company’s progress from survey to survey. The result is a 360-degree view of a market’s landscape. This landscape not only gives companies an idea of how their marketing efforts are working but also of how their competitors’ efforts affect their standing.

The only two questions asked of respondents are: which of the listed companies they have heard of, and which one do they prefer. While the questions themselves are simple, the number of companies asked about is great. Around 70 markets were in the latest survey. In some cases the number of companies listed under a market was small and in others, it was much more thorough.

The survey results give sales reps a compelling reason to meet with clients. Either to confirm that their advertising efforts are working, or to show that companies with more extensive exposure to SAIL’s audience usually achieve higher awareness.

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The results can also help reps get a foot in the door with companies currently not advertising in SAIL. By sharing the results with non-advertisers, SAIL can place itself as “the sailing magazine set apart by substance.” Combining brand awareness data with a thorough profile of SAIL’s high-quality audience shows prospective advertisers they could garner increased awareness with the core of the sailing market by advertising in SAIL.