ad performance

On average, in 2014 about 7 out of 10 (70%) reported that they saw a 1-page, 4-color ad, while 1 in 4 of all respondents read the ad. The saw average has exceeded the 2008 levels and continues to stay strong. The read average has hovered around the 25% to 26% mark since 2004 when […]

Director Stating Action

Data taken from 1,695 1-page, 4-color ads measured in 2011 Readex Message Impact® studies. Respondents were asked “What actions did/will you take after seeing this ad?” Response options included: Visit advertiser’s website, file for reference, discuss ad with others, contact advertiser, dealer or rep., recommend product/service, purchase product/service, no action, currently own or use, and […]

Crowd of People

Fifteen percent more readers reported that they saw 1-page ads than reported seeing half page ads. An additional 30% read 1-page ads over half pages. The boost in reader engagement with larger ads reinforces the decision to invest in larger advertising, even if the upgrade is to a larger fractional ad.

Reader Action

The analysis was based on studies conducted by Readex Research on behalf of publications.

68% found 1p4c ads informative

These averages include scores from 25,175 1-page, 4-color ads measured in Readex Ad Perception Studies™. Saw scores are based on the percentage of readers who responded that an ad was Attention-Getting, Believable, or Informative.

Media Usage

835 respondents answered questions about their use of different media forms for work-related information gathering. This group represents an attractive group for advertisers: 96% are involved in purchasing decisions and 83% are managers or higher. Almost 8 in 10 surveyed rely on print, e-newsletters, and search engines. Fewer than 1 in 3 use social media […]

Black & White Film

Our world is filled with color. Look around. Peek out a window or at your computer screen. Nature doesn’t come in grayscale and our electronic devices no longer dictate an artificial black and white world. Despite the millions of colors that surround us, some advertisers insist upon running black and white ads. To see the […]

Print Media

As media usage habits continue to evolve, it’s important to keep a close eye on key indicators of people’s engagement with print publications. While every audience is different, these averages can help illustrate to advertisers that readers continue to be engaged with printed publications. One of the measures historically collected from readers is how many […]