Obtaining Feedback

A few months ago one of our favorite bloggers, Sharlyn Lauby the HR Bartender wrote a post about designing onboarding interventions for new hires using survey research. In her article, Lauby also discusses how surveys can be used to create conversations and support new hires. This is done through On-Boarding Surveys which are meant to […]

employee feedback

Recently, Sharlyn Lauby, owner of the HR Bartender blog, wrote an article on the 6 essential components for employee check-in success. To paraphrase her article, it is important to both meet the needs of the company as well as the employee. Lauby also stated that certain things must be considered to obtain valuable employee feedback. […]


Sponsor and Objective The sponsor of the survey and the objective go hand in hand. Learning who sponsored the survey gives you an idea of possible objectives. It also alerts you to if there may be biases resulting from the organization’s mission or core beliefs. When you know the sponsor, you can decide whether you […]


How Response Rate Affects A Survey Survey 2: Four of the ten students respond, including the two who received A’s, so according to this survey, 50% of the students received A’s. Survey 3: Six of the ten students respond. With two receiving A’s, this survey reports that 33% of the students received A’s. So, what […]

difficult data

What are cross-tabulations? Cross-tabulations, or cross-tabs, are data tables that show not only the results for all respondents, but also for selected segments of the population. Typically cross-tabulated data looks like the image below: One of the easiest ways to describe how cross-tabulated data is used has to do with political polls. This research tool […]

Useful Data & Analytics

We’re often asked if survey results are “projectable.” Although it masquerades like one, it really isn’t a yes or no question. Here you’ll learn how to use details about sample and size to decide if the result is projectable. All Results are Projectable… When 3 people answer a question and 2 say no, the result […]

Research Results

Are you providing your advertisers and prospects with current and credible data about your audience? With media kit planning just around the corner, it might be time to conduct a readership survey. An important piece of quality research is how well it represents the audience being surveyed. Below is some information to help understand why […]