Guidance in Objective Setting The development of survey objectives is critical to the success of your study. This is especially true if the results will be used to base important decisions. Neglecting to set concrete objectives can sabotage your survey and leave you with inaccurate data. Because research experience is essential when trying to hone […]

Sponsor and Objective The sponsor of the survey and the objective go hand in hand. Learning who sponsored the survey gives you an idea of possible objectives and alerts you to whether there may be biases resulting from the organization’s mission or core beliefs. When you know the sponsor, you can decide whether you should […]

How Response Rate Affects A Survey Survey 1: Only two of the ten students respond. They both received A’s, so your survey reports 100% of the students received A’s. Survey 2: Four of the ten students respond, including the two who received A’s, so according to this survey 50% of the students received A’s. Survey […]

What are cross-tabulations? Cross-tabulations, or cross-tabs, are data tables that show not only the results for all respondents, but also for selected segments of the population. Typically cross-tabulated data looks like the image below: In addition to political applications, cross-tabs allow Readex to highlight, for example, the differences in results by level of experience, company […]

We’re often asked if survey results are “projectable.” Although it masquerades like one, it really isn’t a yes or no question. A previous Readex Review article highlighted some ways to judge whether a statistic means something…or nothing, and projectability would be one indicator. Here you’ll learn how to use details about sample and size to […]