Advertising Research

Many publishers are being asked by their advertisers to verify the quality of their audience or the strength they have in their market. Others are losing ad space to competitors who may be using advertising research. To stay competitive, they too need research to sell. Why Survey Research Works Surveys substantiate your publication’s claims. They […]

Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results

Here at Readex Research we want you to not only succeed at your next sales presentation but excel and impress your clients and/or advertisers. That is why it is so important to us that our clients have user guides and training to go along with their data to ensure that they have all of the […]

Presenting Research Results

Stressed about presenting research results during your next sales call? Don’t worry we have you covered! Listed below are five helpful tips on how you can better prepare for a research-based sales call.

Present Research Results

Your employee engagement survey is done. Now what? Employees will expect to hear something. Here are a few things to consider before, during and after you share the survey results. 1. Digest the information. Even if your questionnaire isn’t lengthy, (but especially if it is), take time to let the results set in. Review the […]

Effective Advertising

Before you get started… Creating an effective advertisement begins with establishing its objective. Should the ad sell the company image or a product? Is it expected to bring the reader to the point of purchase or just present an idea for consideration? For what audience is the product intended? Answering these questions before starting to […]

Present Ad Results

A Quick Guide to Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results Whether you have good news or not-so-good news to share, you can confidently share ad readership study results with your advertisers using the following steps. 1. Prepare by looking at your advertiser’s ad as well as competitive ads. Look at high scoring ads to learn the techniques […]