Keep a Check on Business Relationships
Build Loyalty

Hear from those who are important to the success of your business with Check Surveys. Through a short 5-question survey you’ll collect thoughts, opinions and ideas that can impact your organization’s successful operation.

Someone indicates there’s a problem? Through the Action-Alert notification feature, you’ll be able to act immediately and make things right. Check Surveys are an inexpensive option to stay connected.

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Keep your customer bucket overflowing. Actively listening is good for the customer, your employees, and your business.

Attendees and Exhibitors at your events make a significant investment. Will they come back? Listen and hear what they have to say.

The first 90 days for new customers, employees and members are unique. What do they have to say? Give them a chance to share their feedback.

Membership in an organization is an investment. Learn what members have to say in advance of their renewal.


Our Customer Check survey from Readex taught us a few things we didn’t know, directly from our customers. To get results in real-time helped us stay in tune with the relationships that we intend to keep for a long time.

– President

Feedback we received from our On-Boarding Check surveys helped us hone our new member protocols, setting the tone for long-lasting membership retention.

– Membership Director

We found the Readex Event Check a great tool to connect with our attendees and exhibitors. The alert reminders were great! We resolved issues on-site and wowed people with our customer service.

– Event Director

Why Us?

You work hard for your customers. And it’s a shame if they become unhappy and you don’t know about it. What if they choose not to come back? That’s why it’s so important to be able to monitor relationships and keep a check on how things are going. Our Check Surveys give you the chance to touch customers, members, attendees and anyone new with a short survey collecting valuable feedback and insights.

Standard online survey format to simplify the process.

Optimized for all platforms for those on the go.

Action Alerts to notify you of concerning responses.

Once survey content is finalized, we do the work!

Your first survey event including set-up is $500, $100 per survey event after that.

With over 70 years of history under our belt, you can put experience to work for you!