Your attendees and exhibitors are just like all of your other customers. Spending their money on your events doesn’t come easy, but when they do, it’s terribly important to make sure they want to come back the next time. This means you must understand the experiences they have from start to finish. For you, it’s important to hear the truth.

A well-thought-out, well-designed survey will provide data to help you evaluate the experiences your customers have. This process is more than just throwing out an online survey; anyone can do that. It’s about designing surveys that ask the right questions the right way, to get to the heart of participants’ actual experiences. Your Readex team members are experts in designing effective questionnaires that collect meaningful and useful feedback. And when your study is done, we’ll dive in with you to make sure you know what the numbers mean.

Surveys of attendees and exhibitors are typically fielded just after your event concludes. It’s important to touch your valued customers when things are fresh, top of mind, so that you receive accurate and reliable feedback. Make the opinions from your attendees and exhibitors a part of the evaluation process to help your events grow time after time.

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