Customer Experience Seminar

Readex Offers Seminar / Content At No Charge

Stillwater, MN: The need to listen to customers is an essential business practice. Commonly called Customer Experience measurement (CX), getting feedback on your business processes and the overall customer experience is imperative, especially as the competitive landscape is always changing. However, most companies do not have a measurement program in place because it is perceived to be too expensive or complex.

Understanding just why hearing the voice of the customer is so important is the subject of a presentation offered by Readex Research. Content includes why and how a business should have a customer experience listening program along with best practices in design and implementation. Attendees will walk away with ideas of what a customer experience measurement program will mean for their business, employees, and customers! Please be assured that the seminar is entirely non-commercial. 30 minute and 50 minute options are available.

The speaker is Jack Semler, president of Readex Research. He is a 32 year veteran in market research and intimately involved with the customer experience process Readex uses, bringing a real-world perspective to the topic.

Mr. Semler has spoken over the last three decades at many different events in the U.S., Canada, and Europe on a wide variety of research and sales topics. He is available to speak free of charge at trade shows, conferences, and seminars on the subject of measuring the customer experience.

For more information, contact Jack Semler or Susan Griffith.