Event Studies

If you operate a trade show, conference or any other event at which you have attendees and/or exhibitors, you’ll want to know what people have to say.

Clearly both of these stakeholder groups are very important to your success, both with your current event and those coming in the future. It really makes sense to get feedback and see what people have to say.

With Readex you have two choices when it comes to event surveys.

We can help you custom design a survey that can explore a host of topics related to the event. A customized survey gets you the exact information you need, whether from attendees or exhibitors.

Customized Surveys

You might also consider our Exhibitor Check or Attendee Check survey, an economical, short, formatted survey designed to get you fast feedback. You’ll really like the Action Alert tool that instantaneously informs you if the survey happens to uncover a problem an exhibitor or attendee is having.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interest.