Keep a Check on Business Relationships

You work hard for your customers. And it’s a shame when they aren’t happy or simply choose not to come back. That’s why it’s so important to be able to monitor relationships and keep a check on how things are going.

Our Check Surveys Portfolio gives you the chance to touch customers when you need to, collecting valuable feedback and insight with a short survey. Your survey can serve as the means for detecting problems or issues that can be fixed, keeping those valuable relationships AND the revenue you depend upon. Whether you run a business, member-driven organization or sponsor a small or large event, the Check Surveys Portfolio offers a means to connect. Easy. Economical. Click HERE to talk.

Why Readex?

We use a standardized online survey format that makes
this an uncomplicated process.

The survey is optimized for all platforms for those who are on-the-go.

Once survey content is finalized, we do all the work, including
managing all survey deployment activities.

Results can be viewed in real time from any place
you are connected to the Internet.

It’s economical.

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Customer Check
Event Check
On-Boarding Check
Renewal Check

Who We Are

Readex Research conducts surveys for a wide variety of clients in service companies, media companies and member-driven organizations. We focus on the use of mail and online methods to collect information, with most of our projects being customized to deliver exactly what each and every client needs and wants. No two projects are ever the same! With nearly 70 years of history under our belt, you can put experience to work for you!