Demographic Data

Give your marketers the demographic data they crave by conducting an Audience Profile Study.

High-quality research from Readex Research can save you time and doesn’t have to be expensive. A survey done online, by mail, or via a mixed method can keep your budget balanced, satisfy demanding advertisers, and ultimately pull in more sales. Rely on Readex’s expertise for research done the right way: with accuracy, insightful analysis, and third-party credibility.

The Profile Study

A Profile Study enables you to prove the value of your audience, including print magazine readers, digital edition recipients, and e-newsletter readers. The result is a current and credible picture of who they reach with each issue or edition.

Marketers are more demanding than ever in their search to find the right audience for their products and services; a current profile is an essential piece for any sales presentation or marketing collateral.

Why conduct a Profile Study?

The most common objective of a Profile Study is to fill in the holes in your sales story. For example, what reasons do companies give when they don’t want to purchase space in your publication or on your website? What claims do you make about your audience that you’re unable to substantiate, or what myths have you been unable to refute? Closing these information gaps is the objective of the study and drives the questionnaire content.

How is it conducted?

Profile Studies can be conducted by mail, email/online, or a combination of both. Studies generally take two to three months, depending on the method of data collection.

Studies are designed so your involvement is only necessary during the initial phases of the project: working with us to determine the objectives, approving the questionnaire, and providing the sample. After that, you can focus on your other responsibilities while we conduct your study.

How is the price of a Profile determined?

There is considerable variation in costs associated with Profile Studies. The key variables that impact price include the method, the number of people surveyed, the response, and how big the questionnaire is. Proposals are provided on a case-by-case basis.

Use the results of your Profile Study in your media kit and on your website to paint a clear picture of your audience with specific data regarding…
• Industry
• Job Title/Function
• Company Size
• Purchasing Authority
• Budget Size
• Size of Staff
• Planned Purchases
• Type of Company
• Readership
• Time Spent Reading
• Pass-Along
• Issue Retention
• Actions Taken

In conclusion, you can define your audience, strengthen your relationships with your advertisers, and boost ad sales with a profile study. Contact Readex Research to learn more about gathering data that proves you deliver an audience that exposure-hungry advertisers can’t afford to miss.

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