ad performance

The Saw and Read results are from 5,181 1-page, 4-color ads measured in Readex Research Red Sticker™ Studies conducted between 2008 and 2014. The Actions Taken/Planned data was gathered from 11,051 1-page, 4-color ads measured in Readex Research Message Impact® Studies conducted between 2008 and 2014.

On average, in 2014 about 7 out of 10 (70%) reported that they saw a 1-page, 4-color ad, while 1 in 4 of all respondents read the ad. The saw average has exceeded the 2008 levels and continues to stay strong. The read average has hovered around the 25% to 26% mark since 2004 when this analysis began. But after recent years, we are seeing a slight increase. Making the case for print advertising is easier with this data that proves readers still engage with ads.

In addition, data from 2014 surveys show that, on average, over a third of respondents took or planned to take at least one action after seeing a 1-page, 4-color ad. The data also shows that, on average, print ads generated about 37% more action taken or planned. This supports the place for print in an advertising plan.

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