Readex works behind the scenes for numerous market researchers, typically in support of projects that require a mail component.

While we offer very robust online research services, anything related to paper/mail surveys tends to be the missing piece of a mixed mode project.

“I have been delighted with the way [your team] has rescued us in this project. I wish I had come to you in the first place. [Your team] has been very proactive and is navigating with the high beams on! Excellent.”

Larry Durkin, Principle
MSP Analytics

The more popular types of services performed include production of materials, assembly and mailing of survey kits, response tracking and data capture. Because we are working for researchers, it’s not unusual for us to simply deliver a data file. However, we can run data tabulations and tables, and we are also able to enter data from your survey directly into an online survey site if one is available.

For more detailed information on the mail survey services, please visit Mail Survey Solutions.

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