Present Ad Results

A Quick Guide to Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results

Whether you have good news or not-so-good news to share, you can confidently share ad readership study results with your advertisers using the following steps.

1. Prepare by looking at your advertiser’s ad as well as competitive ads. Look at high scoring ads to learn the techniques that work well with your readers. Low scoring ads will give you an idea of the techniques that didn’t work as well.

2. Meet with your advertiser and resell the value of your publication.

3. Explain the benefits of participating in the study, the questions being asked, and how the results can help advertisers understand their target market.

4. Describe data collection, method, scoring, and the “ballpark” nature of results. This information can be found in the reports.

5. Present the issue’s high scoring ads to get your advertiser thinking about the techniques that were successful in the eyes of readers.

6. Look at competitive ads and low scoring ads to gain context of how different techniques worked with readers.

7. Now, present the advertiser’s results and look at their ad. Because you established context, the advertiser should already have an idea of how the ad scored.

8. When applicable, put results in context using the Size/Color category results.

These steps are more thoroughly described in User Guides which are distributed with each study’s reports, and are available in PDF format to those conducting an ad readership study with Readex.