Media companies now offer a variety of sales offerings that support sales, marketing, and editorial initiatives for print and digital brands. Boost your bottom line with a survey that can increase online and print sales.

Readex offers a full array of custom survey solutions to support sales.  Readex can help you with all or part of any survey research project.

“Quality research paired with a serious sales process is essential to revenue growth in today’s competitive ad sales environment. The ad sales teams I coach that have access to quality research always close deals faster as their conversations with advertisers are much more relevant and offer serious substance. In particular, I really like the detailed research services offered by Readex. From advertiser acquisition to advertiser retention, Readex offers the quality research my clients seek to enhance their total sales process.”

Ryan Dohrn, Creator
360 Ad Sales Training

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Increase ad sales and give your sales team another reason to connect with advertisers.

Customized Surveys

Custom studies are designed to meet your specific needs, goals, and budget.

Get articles designed to take the mystery out of survey research.

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