Deliver data to your customers they probably don’t get elsewhere.

Measuring brand awareness and where your brand fits in is something we should all do, but we don’t. It takes time and effort as well as a financial investment that is beyond most firms. However, you can bring this crucial information to conversations with your customers when you use the Readex Brand Awareness and Usage study. This will feed other conversations about objectives, spend, spend channels and more-putting you right in the middle of the customer relationship!

How are you making sure your brand is well known?

We utilize a simple and straightforward online survey method. Brands are studied by product/service category and the questions include:

Which of the following brands have you heard of?

Which brands have you used in the last two years?

Which ONE brand do you use most?

Readex handles all aspects of study set up, fieldwork and reporting. Final report documents are available in printed copy form or PDF. All you need to do is supply us with the product/service categories, brand listings and email addresses.

Susan Griffith will be happy to talk with you about this program. Email her at to start a conversation.