Media Usage

Media Usage results are in! Find out how professionals are using the different media forms in 2012.

835 respondents answered questions about their use of different media forms for work-related information gathering. This group represents an attractive group for advertisers: 96% are involved in purchasing decisions and 83% are managers or higher.

Almost 8 in 10 surveyed rely on print, e-newsletters, and search engines. Fewer than 1 in 3 use social media regularly.

Advertisers looking to generate action should consider print advertising, as 70% of respondents indicated they took an action in response to print ads in the past 12 months. E-newsletters generated actions in 61% of respondents.

When asked about the perceptions respondents have of the different media forms, over 8 in 10 believe print and e-newsletters are integral in keeping up with what’s happening in their professions.

These results support the notion that print publications are still viable, and that the majority of professionals rely on e-newsletters for work-related information gathering. How does media usage of your brand shake out? Conduct a Media Usage Study with Readex Research and use the findings to support multi-media ad campaigns.