Gain a better understanding of the salary structure within your industry

by fielding Readex’s Salary & Benefits Survey.

The results from a Salary & Benefits Survey will offer your members relevant compensation data from within their industry; collecting data on behalf of numerous job families and specific job titles. The wage data can also be used to look into different pay practices and benefits. Incorporate your results from this study for print or online content and you will be able to support your place as the profession’s premier information resource.

Readex also offers an online salary calculator or a regression-based compensation worksheet for reporting wage data. Hosting this data online will drive traffic to your website. Visitors love this hands-on approach to discovering how others in similar professional situations fare in terms of compensation.

We sell these studies on a proposal basis, with prices driven by factors such as the method of data collection, questionnaire size/scope, sampling plan, and the deliverables.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interest.