Survey Research Evolution

Readex Research discusses the evolution of survey research at MMPA’s 2018 Summit and Expo.

Readex Research is a proud member of the Minnesota Media and Publishing Association (MMPA). Last September we were excited to be exhibitors and sponsors at their 2018 Summit & Expo Event held in Minneapolis. Steve Blom, Readex’s Director of Sales and Marketing, was asked to be a panelist at the event where he gave a presentation on how the Research Industry has changed over the last three decades. Blom was also interviewed for an article on MMPA’s website by Jake Weyer, Senior Editor of Touchpoint Media (@JakeWeyer). During the interview they discussed how the Internet has changed survey research and content in the publishing industry.

Listed below are some of the topics discussed during the interview:

Response Rates

One aspect of survey research that has changed over the last few decades is response rates. In today’s world with the internet, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to set aside time to take a survey. Thirty years ago it was common for Readex to have response rates of 60% or higher. However, today surveys tend to yield a much lower response rate at around 10-20% depending on the industry, length of the survey, or survey topic. The method of gathering the survey data is also important in terms of survey response rates, as mail surveys usually have a higher response rate in comparison to online or email surveys.

Do-It-Yourself Research

A few of our traditional survey customers decided to field their simpler surveys on their own with DIY online survey software, yet, many remained for their more difficult projects. There is still a market for confidential, unbiased, trusted, third-party research. Especially in the publishing industry for media kits and editorial research.

Mixed Surveying Methods to Target Different Demographics and Audiences

Sometimes the only way some of our customers can get to a certain demographic of their audience is through mail surveys. For example, with some types of subscriber bases, there may not be enough email addresses to gain reliable data. Some of our customers may also have older audiences who prefer print surveys. Because of this, we are often hired by other research companies that no longer have mail or print capabilities.

The research market has evolved, and with it so has Readex Research. Studies are now more customized, and often it takes a variety of approaches to get the data you need. Whatever the case may be, what remains the same is that you can depend on Readex for your survey research needs.

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