Hear the voices, opinions and feelings of your employees.

– Introducing our NEW Employee Experience & Satisfaction Survey –

When you need and want to listen to your employees, to hear what they really think and feel, the best way is to do this through an anonymous survey. You can certainly conduct this survey on your own, but it’s really best to stay at a distance from the process, arm’s length if you will, so your employees can feel secure and comfortable in offering honest answers and feedback.

Why Readex?

You’ll save time. We do all of the work once content is selected.

The process is secure and confidential so your employees can speak their mind.

The survey website is optimized across all platforms for your on-the-go employees.

You’ll have access to all the data in real-time and can run your own analysis and reports.

It’s economical! Pricing is based on the number of questions, not the number of employees.

How Does it Work?

Survey Content

First, you need to decide on survey content. You can choose from over 80 questions in our idea bank or incorporate your own.


Once content is decided, we set up the entire survey process, including the online website, survey invitations and your reporting site.


The survey website and reporting site are all optimized for mobile devices.

Data Collection

We’ll manage all of the data collection process, including sending of email invitations, so employees know they can be totally candid and open.


Finally, we’ll set up your reporting site where you can view all results and filter all data for analysis and reporting to others. When it comes to reporting, you have two options. We can set up one site for all authorized users to view. Or, we can set up a “rights-based” site meaning some authorized users will only be able to view certain portions of the data.

Want more information or ready to start?