Increase advertiser frequency with market data that proves more exposure pays off.

Brand Studies can be as simple as measuring audience awareness or can expand to include measurements on use, perceptions, and preferences. Likewise, they can focus on a single important product/service group, or include dozens of categories and hundreds of brands.

Boost sales and sponsorships by featuring the results of a Brand Study in special issues. Using a Brand Study can also increase your advertising when you link participation in the study (inclusion in the questionnaire) with advertising purchases. Another benefit of brand awareness data is that results almost always illustrate a correlation between advertising activity and brand awareness. Use a Brand Awareness Study to show your biggest advertisers that their investment is paying off. In contrast, you can show your smaller advertisers that their limited activity is impacting their success.

Readex sells these studies on a proposal basis. Prices are driven by factors such as the method of data collection, questionnaire size/scope, sampling plan, and deliverables. Reports can be set up as a large “data deck” which has all results for all brands or as highly customized advertiser-specific documents.

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