Customized Research to Meet Your Needs

Before beginning any study, a Readex associate will listen to your needs and carefully design a research plan to successfully meet your objectives. A proposal outlines each step of the process so there are no surprises along the way.

Readex Takes Care of All the Details

We’ve designed our full-service studies so that your involvement is only necessary during the initial phases of the project: working with us to determine objectives, approving the questionnaire, and providing the sample.

After these steps, you can focus on your other responsibilities while we conduct your study.

What About Sample Size?

Readex will recommend a sampling plan that matches your objectives, your budget, and account for response rate expectations.

In many cases a response of 400 to 600 is targeted, which yields an attractive level of data precision at a reasonable price. Larger response levels will be appropriate when crosstabulation analysis is anticipated.

Three Data Collection Methods to Meet Your Needs

Survey data collection can be conducted by mail, online, or by incorporating both methods (mixed mode). There are many factors to consider before deciding on a method: representation, deadlines, and costs.


How Much Will it Cost?

Costs associated with these studies vary considerably. The key variables that impact price include the method of data collection, the number of people that are surveyed and respond, data complexity, and questionnaire size. Proposals are provided on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the Timeline?

It typically takes two to three months, depending on data collection method, to get final reports once a proposal is approved. The collaborative effort of questionnaire design can take a couple weeks or longer and the need to consult with others can significantly increase design time.

Following questionnaire approval, a survey requires about one week for materials production. Data collection time will vary depending on method. Online surveys are usually in the field two weeks, while mail surveys are usually open for six weeks. Data editing, analysis, and report writing take about two or three weeks.

Want more information or ready to conduct a survey?