Let a survey give you the tools you need to succeed

Readex Research offers a portfolio of services to help organizations design, field, and process surveys. With decades of experience, Readex understands not only the research process, but how to put results to work for you and your customers. Whether you need full-service support or help with just a portion of your survey project, you can count on Readex Research.

We Provide Top Quality Research

Top Team
Every survey Readex conducts is handled with the knowledge & seasoned skill set that yields results you can count on.

Great Support
Readex does everything in-house, so we have full control over quality, timing, & confidentiality. Giving you the best data possible.


Ad Effectiveness Surveys

Increase print and online ad sales. Use an ad effectiveness study as a promotion that pulls advertisers into an issue or onto your website.

Custom Research

Custom studies are designed with your specific needs in mind. Let Readex design a research plan to meet your objectives & help you succeed.

Experience Surveys

We provide quick and cost-effective surveys that allow you to hear the voices of your customers. We offer Customer and Employee Experience Surveys.

Member Satisfaction Surveys

Reveals member attitudes, behaviors, and likelihood of renewing.

Salary & Benefit Surveys

Quantifies position-level compensation, collected from individuals or organizations.

Editorial / Content Audits

Uncovers the content your audience wants to read, at what frequency, and via what channels.

Audience Profile Surveys

Describes and quantifies the attributes, interests, and behaviors of your audience.

Brand Surveys

Measures awareness, use, perceptions, and preferences.

Industry / Market Surveys

Examines current trends, best practices, and business metrics.

Event Surveys

Find out what your attendees and exhibitors have to say about your event.

Mail or Online Survey Solutions

Already have a survey planned out but need help with the methodology? Readex has the in-house capabilities to help you with an online or mail survey.

Onboarding / Loyalty

Monitor the experience of new employees, customers, and members.

Get articles designed to take the mystery out of survey research.

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