Mail and Paper Surveys

Readex began producing mail surveys in 1947 and has been executing them ever since. Our complete, in-house capabilities enable us to process large survey mailings efficiently while maintaining tight quality control. Whether the results of mail or paper surveys are entered manually or scanned, data processing associates perform quality control procedures to ensure that responses are accurately recorded. We’ll organize and manage all of the variables to make sure your project provides accurate data.

Online Surveys

Our successful online survey research method requires the same level of skill and attention to detail as its mail counterpart. Readex has the in-house technical capabilities to program online survey instruments as well as host websites dedicated to gathering survey results. Survey responses are uploaded to an internal database, increasing the accuracy of your results.

Print to Web

Readex can help you with mailing survey services as well as developing and hosting your survey website. The use of a mail-to-web methodology can be an effective option. The best applications appear to be when there is a strong connection between the survey sponsor and its participants. This means the sponsor can be easily identified which can lead to a higher response rate.

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