Readex Research is a survey research company that specializes in mail and online surveys.

Readex Research is a full-service survey research company specializing in mail and online surveys. We offer our services to customers working in a variety of industries and markets in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Since 1947 customers have turned to Readex to help support their survey needs whether it’s a full-service engagement or a situation in which we work on just a portion of the project. Our team is composed of project directors, data entry operators, data analysts, online survey administration specialists and mail survey experts.

Entrust your most sensitive projects to a team that has evolved from over 70 years of survey experience. Our insightful approach to meeting your survey needs enables you to focus on other responsibilities while we take care of the details.

I’ve worked with other publication survey companies in the past and found Readex to be the best experience: responsive, detail oriented, and accurate.”

Doug Damerst, Editor in Chief
Florida Magazine Association

In terms of mail surveys, we have complete internal capabilities to handle a mail survey from start to finish, including design, printing, kit production, mailing, and data entry. If a project requires special treatment, such as a very large press run, we have trusted outside partners ready to help. We can also help clients achieve postage savings with various presorting options.

As for online surveys, all design, programming, and administration are done in-house. Nothing is “farmed out,” and we place a high degree of emphasis on security and privacy. Our proprietary web applications are hosted on our own, dedicated web servers, in the US. All of our systems are protected by multiple firewall and intrusion prevention systems. Redundant hardware is used throughout our operations, with complete backups performed multiple times a day. Each client’s data is stored in a separate database, ensuring no intermingling of data. All transmitted data is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), the successor to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Finally, surveys employ responsive design so your participant may use any kind of device.


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