Just who is missing from your data?

Just who is missing from
your publication's
audience profile?

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Focus on the changes that maximize renewals

Keep Pace with the Changing Needs of Your Members with a Member Survey!

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Mail and online surveys for publications and associations

Expert Survey Services for Accurate & Credible Survey Results.

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Publication and Media Research

Readex Research conducts publication and media research designed to help you meet your goals or boost your bottom line through increased online and print ad sales, as well as e-media and live event sponsorships. Let a survey give you the tools you need to succeed.


Association Research

Our association research services enable associations to keep pace with the changing needs of their members and conference attendees through online, mail, and other research methods. Discover sources of membership and attendee value, identify areas for improvement, and anticipate what it will take to retain and increase membership and attendance.

"(We) considered using a free or low cost internet survey solution. However, our decision to work with Readex to develop our survey actually saved us money and yielded a much better result than our project team could have achieved on our own."

Kent Sorensen
Market Research Team Leader