Customer Studies

Custom-designed surveys get you the information you need and want from your customers. Whether it’s monitoring the experience they have with your company, gaining more insight into future needs and interests, or another subject area that needs exploring, a customer survey will get the job done.

Our team will help shape your ideas into a completed questionnaire. Then we will collect the data by using either our mail or online methods. We can also use a combination of both mail and online to gather the information. Response rates of 20%-30% are not uncommon. However, the response rates can be even higher depending on the subject matter, method, and length of the survey.

You might also consider our Customer Check survey, an economical, short survey designed specifically for customer experience feedback. This survey includes a useful Action Alert tool that instantaneously informs you if the survey happens to uncover a problem a customer is having.

Talk with us about developing a custom survey solution for your next customer survey need.