Keep up with your audience’s ever-changing needs and interests by determining the types of content they want, at what frequency, and through which channels/mediums.

Customize an Editorial Study to meet your needs and as a result, gain noteworthy intelligence.

Editorial Studies Look At:
how readers engage with your media
the content your readers most value
other content your readers would like to see
what readers are expecting you to offer
other information sources your readers use

Do-it-yourself surveys often inherently have biases in their results and because of this, they are generally unreliable.

Rather than using a DIY method to develop questionnaire content, rely on a third-party source to use sound research logic and describe results with no preconceived notions.

Your audience is overrun with information.

Actionable results from this study will help you identify your readers’ essential information needs, and consequently prevent your content from getting lost in the clutter.

Readex sells these studies on a proposal basis, with prices driven by factors such as the method of data collection, questionnaire size/scope, sampling plan, and the deliverables. Depending on the circumstances, a print survey kit mailing can include a copy of the publication being studied.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interest.