audience-editorial audit

Keep Up With the Changing Needs of Your Audience

The Editorial Audit An Editorial Audit gives you data on what your audience wants to read, at what frequency, and via what channels/mediums. This understanding is key to building and maintaining a successful reader base. Why conduct an Editorial Audit? By using a survey to collect responses from a representative sample of your readers, you’ll […]

Survey Research Evolution

How Survey Research Has Evolved

Readex Research discusses the evolution of survey research at MMPA’s 2018 Summit and Expo. Listed below are some of the topics discussed during the interview: Response Rates One aspect of survey research that has changed over the last few decades is response rates. In today’s world with the internet, the amount of information available can […]

pre test surveys

Considerations for Pre-Post Surveys

Pre-Post surveys look into how things change after some type of event takes place. The event, sometimes called a treatment, can be almost anything, although we usually talk about Pre-Post research in terms of the effect of advertising. However, Pre-Post could be applied to a new employee benefit program, a new PR campaign, or a […]

Can a Survey Help You Find a Bad Relationship?

Survey research is a great tool for getting information, even if the information can sometimes be negative. This is especially true when it comes to relationship surveys, also known as experience surveys. And the answer to our question is Yes! A survey can help you spot a relationship that is going sour. There are two […]

mail survey response rate

What is a Good Response Rate for a Mail Survey?

Over the last 70 years, Readex has completed countless mail surveys in a broad spectrum of markets. Based on this experience, when a mail survey is needed, we are often asked about response rate expectations. The short answer is this: It depends. Let’s give you some insight on this topic. At a high level, the […]

key touchpoints

Ask About Key Touchpoints in a Relationship Survey

Most of us are curious about what our customers think of the products and services we offer. Some of us even do surveys to find out! However, if you do surveys, do you ask about Key Touchpoints? In any customer relationship survey, it’s important to ask about what aspects of the relationship are critical to […]

Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results

The Six Steps of Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results

Here at Readex Research we want you to not only succeed at your next sales presentation but excel and impress your clients and/or advertisers. That is why it is so important to us that our clients have user guides and training to go along with their data to ensure that they have all of the […]

Demographic Data

Give Marketers the Demographic Data They Crave

Give your marketers the demographic data they crave by conducting an Audience Profile Study. High-quality research from Readex Research can save you time and doesn’t have to be expensive. A survey done online, by mail, or via a mixed method can keep your budget balanced, satisfy demanding advertisers, and ultimately pull in more sales. Rely […]

Presenting Research Results

Presenting Research Results During Sales Calls

Stressed about presenting research results during your next sales call? Don’t worry we have you covered! Listed below are five helpful tips on how you can better prepare for a research-based sales call.