Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results

The Six Steps of Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results

Here at Readex Research we want you to not only succeed at your next sales presentation but excel and impress your clients and/or advertisers. That is why it is so important to us that our clients have user guides and training to go along with their data to ensure that they have all of the […]

Demographic Data

Give Marketers the Demographic Data They Crave

Give your marketers the demographic data they crave by conducting an Audience Profile Study. High-quality research from Readex can save you time and doesn’t have to be expensive. A survey done online, by mail, or via mixed mode can keep your budget balanced, satisfy demanding advertisers, and ultimately pull in more sales. Rely on Readex […]

Presenting Research Results

Presenting Research Results During Sales Calls

Stressed about presenting research results during your next sales call? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Listed below are five helpful tips on how you can better prepare for a research based sales call.

Obtaining Feedback

Obtaining Feedback and Actionable Results

A few months ago one of our favorite bloggers, Sharlyn Lauby the HR Bartender wrote a post about designing onboarding interventions for new hires using Readex Research’s Action Alert Tool. In her article, Lauby also discusses how surveys can be used to create conversations and support new hires. This is done through Onboarding Check-ins which […]

employee feedback

Employee Check-Ins, Successfully Retain New-Hires

Lauby also stated that certain things must be considered to obtain valuable employee feedback. The Essential Components for Employee Check-in Success are: 1. Be low on administration, but high on value. It may be useful to have new-hire check-ins distributed automatically or electronically. That way you can focus more on looking into the employee’s responses. […]


Print Media is Alive!

Print Media is Alive! Remember the days when a marketer just had a couple of marketing communications channels from which to choose? Magazine advertising, printed newsletters, shows? Here were are today with a plethora of channels; it would take a laundry list to cite them all. Well, along the way there has been a notion […]


6 Guidelines For Successful Survey Content and Design

6 Guidelines For Successful Survey Content and Design All surveys have a few general “rules to the road” when developing content and survey structure. Keep these in mind as you go through the design process. 1. Make Things Simple at the Start. Surveys should begin with a question, or short series of questions, easy to […]

Present Research Results

3 Tips for Presenting Research Results

Your employee engagement survey is done. Now what? Employees will expect to hear something. Here are a few things to consider before, during and after you share the survey results. 1. Digest the information. Even if your questionnaire isn’t lengthy, (but especially if it is), take time to let the results set in. Review the […]

dollar incentive

Is a Dollar Enough for an Incentive?

Is One Dollar Enough? What’s the easiest way to boost your survey’s response rate? Place a dollar bill in your survey mailing piece. Over the years, we have included various types of incentives in survey mailing pieces. You name it, we’ve used it: magnets, letter openers, coupons—whatever will fit in the envelope along with the […]