content format preference

Content Format Preferences for Media

Audiences consist of various types of people. Sometimes it is difficult to uncover how they want to get access to the information you offer. Recently Readex Research looked over the results of 156 Audience Profile and Editorial Studies we conducted from 2016 through 2018. In those studies, we found that many asked similar questions. Using […]

actions taken

Actions Taken After Seeing Advertising

Recently at Readex Research, we looked over 156 of our Editorial and Audience Profile studies taken between 2016 through 2018. We found that many of the studies asked similar questions so we aggregated the data. One question asked respondents about the actions they took as a result of reading editorial and/or advertisements. Association publications tended […]

editorial actions taken as a result of reading

Actions Taken With Editorial

Here at Readex Research we love sorting through research and data. So we decided to aggregate some of the results from studies we had done over the past three years. One question that was asked several times in our Audience Profile and Editorial Studies enquired on whether participants were encouraged to take any actions upon […]


Social Media Use Among Publication Readers

Recently at Readex Research, we aggregated the results from some of the studies we have fielded over the last three years. Specifically, our editorial and audience profile studies. Print and website/digital media varied drastically in almost everything except for YouTube which still varied by 3%. Website/Digital media tended to score drastically higher in terms of […]

Online Market Research Mistakes

10 Mistakes That Occur With Online Market Research

1. Lack of Experience It’s easy to do online surveys these days. Too easy. It may be so cheap and easy that you do it without understanding the basics and end up with misleading answers. These misleading answers can send your business down the wrong path. This is worse than never doing any research in […]

survey services for remote audiences

Survey Services for Difficult to Reach Audiences

Today, it is difficult to imagine that there are people who do not have access to or struggle to use the internet. For some individuals, it is a matter of security and they do not want to enter sensitive data online. Here at Readex Research we understand their hesitance and want to assure both our […]

Advertising Research

Use Advertising Research to Help You Sell

Many publishers are being asked by their advertisers to verify the quality of their audience or the strength they have in their market. Others are losing ad space to competitors who may be using advertising research. To stay competitive, they too need research to sell. Why Survey Research Works Surveys substantiate your publication’s claims. They […]

audience-editorial audit

Keep Up With the Changing Needs of Your Audience

The Editorial Audit An Editorial Audit gives you data on what your audience wants to read, at what frequency, and via what channels/mediums. This understanding is key to building and maintaining a successful reader base. Why conduct an Editorial Audit? By using a survey to collect responses from a representative sample of your readers, you’ll […]

Survey Research Evolution

How Survey Research Has Evolved

Readex Research discusses the evolution of survey research at MMPA’s 2018 Summit and Expo. Listed below are some of the topics discussed during the interview: Response Rates One aspect of survey research that has changed over the last few decades is response rates. In today’s world with the internet, the amount of information available can […]