Print Media

Going 4 for 4: Readers Continue to Read Print Magazines

As media usage habits continue to evolve, it’s important to keep a close eye on key indicators of people’s engagement with print publications. While every audience is different, these averages can help illustrate to advertisers that readers continue to be engaged with printed publications. One of the measures historically collected from readers is how many […]

Reader Profile Analytics

Science News Proves Reader Passion with a Profile Survey

During the transformation of Science News from a 16 page weekly to a 36-page bi-weekly publication, the advertising sales department recognized the need to gather a profile of readers that made advertising in the publication irresistible. By conducting a mail survey, Science News was able to document readers’ purchasing influence and activity in categories of […]

Present Ad Results

Presenting Ad Survey Results

A Quick Guide to Presenting Ad Effectiveness Results Whether you have good news or not-so-good news to share, you can confidently share ad readership study results with your advertisers using the following steps. 1. Prepare by looking at your advertiser’s ad as well as competitive ads. Look at high scoring ads to learn the techniques […]

Mail Survey Research

Are Mail Surveys Still Effective?

With so much online activity, are mail surveys still effective? The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” We do execute online surveys, however, the mail survey, depending on your objectives, can be an excellent methodology; however, the appeal of low-budget online surveys is often too much for some to refuse. The reasons why […]