About Mail Surveys

Mail Survey Solutions by Readex Research offers a portfolio of services to help you design, field, and process a mail survey. Our customers love our attention to detail and how we keep things on track to reach successful outcomes.

We’ve been a reliable and trusted provider of mail surveys since 1947!

Our Services

Paper Survey
Formatting & Layout

Supplies Acquisition &

Survey Printing & Mailing

Returns Handling

Response Tracking

Data Capture & Cleaning

Comment Transcription

Data Tabulation

Who We Work For

Research Firms

Member Organizations

Insurance Companies

Financial Services

Consulting Firms

Healthcare Services

Media Companies


Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and helpful! This was my first experience with a mailed survey. Readex made it a smooth, painless process. Great job!

– Program Manager

We really appreciate the great job you all do for us. We trust you.

– Senior Manager,
Market Research &

We had a very good experience with Readex every step of the way. You were responsive, thoughtful, flexible and nimble as we made changes and decisions mid-stream.

– Research
Public Health