Check in Early and Often With New Employees, Customers or Members.

On-Boarding Check: a new, powerful way to help make sure you retain your new stakeholders.


On-Boarding Check

First impressions set the tone for new employees, members or customers. Those early on experiences are crucial to maintaining long-term relationships and loyalty. On-Boarding Check provides a way to connect with key stakeholders to listen to their feelings, opinions, and suggestions. Something wrong? You’ll know instantly with our built-in Action-Alert notification feature. On-Boarding Check is a powerful, economical tool all organizations should use to stay in touch!

How it Works

You supply us the email addresses of new employees.

We set up, host and handle all survey deployments and administration.

You’ll receive secure login credentials for access to your own Website/Dashboard.

Sit back; watch survey responses come in. Follow up immediately on Action Alerts.

Stay in touch with On-Boarding Check.