In keeping with its commitment to upholding the highest professional standards, Readex Research abides by all generally accepted practices and procedures used by market research firms.

Readex Research complies with the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of Personal Information transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States.

Besides the pledge we make with our privacy policy, some key provisions of the
standards we follow include:

I. Responsibilities to Respondents

Respondents to Readex surveys will be willing participants, informed about the survey’s intentions and how their personal information and answers will be used and protected. A Readex survey experience will not diminish their willingness to participate in future survey research.

A. Confidentiality

Without explicit permission, respondent identity and/or respondent-identifiable information will not be released for anything other than judicious follow-up research use by another research firm or the client’s research department. When released for research purposes, Readex will reach explicit agreement with the receiving party about the limitations on use of such data. The use of confidential information for targeting sales or marketing efforts is expressly prohibited.

If returned surveys or data sets are released to the client for purposes other than those just described, all respondent-identifiable information will be deleted prior to release. Confidential respondent data will be processed and stored in appropriately secured digital environments.

B. Privacy and Avoidance of Harassment

Respondents will be guaranteed confidentiality, and provided with links to Readex’s relevant policies. If identification numbers are used on paper surveys, they will be visible and explained. The voluntary nature of participation will be explained if the respondent has reason to doubt it. Respondent decisions to refuse or terminate participation will be respected. Readex will always identify itself as the company conducting the research, and will answer respondent questions in a forthright and non-deceptive manner.

Readex is responsible for weighing the client’s research need against the length and difficulty of the survey, to reduce respondent burden wherever possible. Respondents will not be enticed to participate with misrepresentations of time needed to complete a survey. When dealing with sensitive subject matter, Readex will employ techniques to minimize respondent discomfort or apprehension.

For Internet research, Readex will not use unsolicited emails to recruit survey respondents, or engage in surreptitious data collection methods. Readex will verify that those on the email lists it uses have a reasonable expectation of receiving a research invitation, either because permission has been explicitly granted or because of an existing relationship with the research sponsor. A mechanism to opt out of further contact from Readex for a specific project will always be offered, and all requests to opt out will be promptly and fully honored. Readex will use its best efforts to comply with federal regulations governing unsolicited email contacts (CAN-SPAM, etc.), although they do not apply specifically to survey research.

For “blind” Internet surveys, Readex will offer to disclose survey sponsorship following completion of the survey.

II. Responsibilities to Clients

Readex’s relationships with clients will foster confidence and mutual respect, and be characterized by honesty and confidentiality.

Readex will assist its clients in the design of effective and efficient research studies, and will execute studies to the best of our abilities in accordance with agreed upon specifications. If Readex questions whether a study design will provide the information necessary to serve the client’s purposes, we will make our reservations known and offer alternatives.

Readex will hold confidential all information obtained about a client’s business operations, will not use client-provided data for anything other than research purposes, and will make no public release of survey findings without explicit permission from the client.

III. Responsibilities in Reporting to Clients and the Public

A. Accurate Portrayal

Whether reports are being prepared for client confidential or public release purposes, Readex will ensure that the findings we release provide an accurate portrayal of the survey data.

B. Details Available

Readex will include in its reports, or be ready to supply on short notice:

  • name(s) of the sponsoring organization(s)

  • study purpose

  • definition of the population to be represented, and of the frame actually sampled

  • description of sample composition, disposition, and weighting, including the basis for calculations of response rates

  • estimates of sampling error when appropriate (accompanied by reference to other possible sources of error, so that a misleading impression of accuracy or precision is not conveyed)

  • descriptions of any special scoring, indexing, or data adjustment procedures

  • dates and details of data collection methodology

  • the questionnaire itself or exact wording of reported questions

  • tables clearly identified as to question source, and including the number of raw cases on which percentages and other statistics are based

C. Public Release

If results are released to the public (by Readex or its client), these items should be disclosed:

  • name(s) of the sponsoring organization(s) and organization(s) conducting the research

  • study purpose

  • sample description and size

  • dates of data collection

  • the exact wording of reported questions

  • any other information that a lay person would need to make a reasonable assessment of reported findings

D. Review

Readex is happy to review clients’ reworkings of reported survey results for promotional and other purposes, to help clients accurately and properly portray those results for the public. If publicly disclosed reworked findings are deemed to be incorrect, distorted, or incomplete, Readex reserves the right to release any or all survey findings necessary to make clarification.