There’s nothing like staying in touch.

Taking good care of your members and doing what is best for them is job one.  It’s all about making sure they have a great experience and stay connected with you.  Close behind: Figuring out how to bring in new members.  This is important stuff not to be left to guesswork, and that’s why member survey research is important.  Member surveys provide information that creates a guiding light.  Sure, a member survey is one piece to the puzzle, but an important piece because it helps you hear what members have to say: What they think, feel, find of value and want from their relationship with you.

Readex can help with your member survey.  We start by listening what you have to say, connecting with what your needs are and building a great plan.  Then we dig into questionnaire design, manage the data collection effort and close the process with final report documents that you and your team understand and can use.  Tap into the many years’ experience we have with member surveys!

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