Deliver the information your readers need and want through editorial and content research.

Your readers are overrun with information and constantly bombarded with invitations to read this, visit this site, go here, do this, do that. So what do they do? They sift through the junk and clutter, the irrelevant stuff, and search out the information that really makes a difference; information and data they truly need to do their job, run their business, make decisions and stay in touch.

How are you making sure what you offer is on target?

Intuition is one thing, facts are another, and that’s where research comes in. Discover what your readers want with custom editorial and content research aimed at uncovering the truth. What content does your audience value the most? What makes a difference in their lives? Turn over the stones and find out what your readers value most.

Readex Research can help you design a great questionnaire to meet your objectives, conduct the fieldwork and tabulate answers. When your survey is done, we’ll be with you to make sure you and your team understand the result and can make sense of it all. Our goal is to make this a great experience that yields knowledge you may not have elsewhere. Please contact us so we can talk about what you have in mind and work together on a proposal.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interests.