Check in Early and Often With New Employees, Customers or Members.

On-Boarding Check: a customized survey to help you listen to people important to your business.


On-Boarding Check

First impressions set the tone for new employees, members or customers. Those early on experiences are crucial to maintaining long-term relationships and loyalty. On-Boarding Check provides a way to connect with key stakeholders to listen to their feelings, opinions, and suggestions. Something wrong? You’ll know instantly with our optional Action-Alert notification feature. On-Boarding Check is a powerful, economical tool all organizations should use to stay in touch!

How it Works:

We develop survey content with your input and feedback. What information is important to you as you listen to your stakeholders?

From there, we will set up, test and host your survey website.

Once you are ready to start, you’ll send us the email address list of people to contact, and we will take care of all survey fieldwork. You can monitor results from your own Readex customer portal.

Want to do it again? Your survey will be set up and ready to redeploy with your next group of new stakeholders!

Stay in touch with On-Boarding Check.

An easy and reliable method for listening to people important to you and your business.