Planning to Buy Research

Research that will create one more case for advertising and promotion.

What’s a great way to tip advertisers in your direction? Showing there is life and activity in your audience, in particular, activity related to buying. What advertiser wouldn’t want to reach an audience that is spending on products and services?

The Planning to Buy study offered by Readex dives directly into this matter, asking the people comprising your audience about purchasing plans. We’ll find out if they are considering a purchase or actually going to make purchases across your set of product and service categories.

Imagine you are having a conversation with a prospect and you can point to data that shows there is purchase interest in their product or service category. Would this be helpful?

Purchasing involves a process, often called the purchase journey. This means advertisers need consistent messaging, not just one shot here and there. Planning to Buy research will help you illustrate the vitality of your audience and the need for your customers to be advertising consistently.

Let us know if you would like to have a conversation about this service and what it can do for you.