Send your product with people who know market research.

If part of your research process includes in home testing, don’t spend time training a shipper about market research.  Send your products with Readex.  We know research.  We started designing and administering surveys by mail over 70 years ago, and we very much appreciate what your life is like.

Within our physical plant, we have complete capabilities for packaging and sending products.  Most of our projects involve the mailing of a few hundred packages, but some are smaller and some larger.  The number makes no difference to us.  What matters is that you have a reliable shipping resource for you and your customer.

The services we offer include:

    • Holding your product in inventory until ready to ship.
    • Printing any associated materials including questionnaires and instruction material.
    • Packaging, addressing and shipping.
    • If needed, receive return shipments and process according to your instructions.

Contact us now to schedule a conversation about product mailing.