Your Association will be the industry’s information leader!

Your members and other stakeholders look to your Association to lead the way as an information resource. When you think of State of the Industry research, there’s nothing more valuable. Why? Because the information that comes out of State of the Industry research is must have, exclusive, compelling and can be used in so many different ways.

Readex Research helps Associations that want to be the State of the Industry knowledge leader get the job done.  How?  By designing a questionnaire and survey process that digs in and gathers the data that drives this important endeavor. We follow it up with reporting and post-study conversation that helps you turn this information into action, for example, reports to members, executive presentations, sponsored editorial, webinars, conference sessions and new-member initiatives.

All State of the Industry studies are custom designed because no two are exactly alike.  Most surveys include questions on financials, opinions and feelings about business conditions, hiring plans and marketing plans.  In addition, you may see questions covering issues of the day….healthcare, business practices in tough times, employee relations, community relations and so on.  At the end, you’ll have a picture of your industry nobody else has.

Mike Zeman, Director of Sales-Custom Surveys, will be happy to talk with you about State of the Industry studies. Email him at to start a conversation. You may also download our State of the Industry flyer here.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interests.