Survey Research

A different path to making
custom industry research a reality

Creating a sponsorship opportunity for industry research is a new and different way to make custom survey research come true. If you have a vision of research information your market needs and wants, consider packaging this research as part of a publicity-generating sponsorship. Other companies are doing this and there isn’t any reason you can’t, too.

It does start with your vision. What valuable data and information is missing that others would like to have? Once you are able to describe the objectives of a study and content ideas, you can take this and approach prospective sponsors. You’ll also need to describe what the sponsor would receive in return for the investment: Visibility, branding, prestige, including some of their own proprietary questions and access to results before others. For you, you will be able to use study results in market presentations, one-on-one conversation, content purposes and create one more way to monetize your subscriber list.

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