A User & Subscriber Profile Survey helps you demonstrate the value of your readers by describing their attributes, interests, and behaviors. It also positions your team to have great answers when a customer or prospect asks the following question: “Why should I advertise in your magazine?”

At Readex Research, with our experience in selling advertising space, we’ve always thought one of the first steps in the sale is to accurately describe your readership. You need to answer that question. And that’s what a Profile Survey does for you. Give your team the data they need to bring your readers to life! Survey results help support your sales and marketing initiatives in other ways, too, by becoming the source document for media kits, marketing campaigns, and customized executive presentations.

You have two options for conducting your User & Subscriber Profile. You can tap into our packaged study, or if this is not a fit, have us prepare a proposal for a customized survey. Our packaged study is set up as follows:

  • 20 questions. This is typically enough to get at the important issues and keeps things manageable for survey participants.
  • Use questions from our extensive question bank, bring in your own ideas for questions or a combination!
  • We provide all question design and set up services, set up the online survey website and manage all fieldwork activities.
  • When completed, we supply you and your team with data tables, including one set of crosstabulations and a PowerPoint deck with one slide per question.
  • A wrap up conference call to be sure everyone understands the data from your survey and you’re off to a good start using results.
  • Package price of $3,950 from start to finish.

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