A secure and confidential means for handling your voting need.

Readex Research introduces a new secure and confidential service for organizations that need to conduct a vote.

In virtually every respect, a vote is just like a survey. You have questions and issues that need decisions and our voting service will help you get there. Whether it’s a board vote, issues related to a proposed change in bylaws or something else, we are ready to help and you stay arm’s length from the process.

Services include:
Programming of your voting site.
Secure and confidential website hosting.
Unique ID for each voter in your universe.
We can send email invitations to your voters or you can.
Real time monitoring of results.
Can include candidate bios, description of issues or other pertinent information needed for voters.
Costs based on number of issues to be voted upon, number of descriptions needed and our role in the sending process.

We do not charge based on number of voters as some do. Our costs are based on the number of questions, how many descriptions you need linked to the survey site (if any) and whether or not we do the sending of voter invitations. We are happy to discuss your situation and provide a quote. You’ll find our services very competitively priced. Contact us today!

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and interests.