Custom studies are designed with your specific needs in mind. Whether you need to survey readers, visitors, or attendees, Readex can put together a research plan that meets your objectives and helps you succeed.

Our custom research solutions are designed to meet the specialized research requirements of every client.  Frequently executed projects are listed below.

Audience Profile

Content Audit

Salary & Benefits

Brand Awareness

How Does it Work?

Each survey is designed to meet the individual needs of each client; however, most of our customized studies include similar considerations.
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A variety of reporting options are available depending on your preferences, including data tables, written summaries, PowerPoint presentations, and brochures packed with graphs. In addition, Readex can work with you to create bound reports ready for purchase and delivery to your clients.

Audience Profile Surveys Help You Sell More

Readership survey results that profile your audience which help you sell more print and online ads and other sponsorships. Prove the value of the exposure you provide with results from an Audience Profile study and you’ll boost your bottom line.

If you want a profile of your total audience across a variety of platforms, but don’t have a single audience file, don’t worry. Readex has the expertise to address duplication and weighting—two factors that impact the accuracy of data from multiple lists. Including your entire audience is important for accurate results. Talk to us about who may be missing if you neglect segments of your audience.

Deliver the Content Your Audience Craves

Make sure your content keeps readers and attendees coming back for more. Discover what they expect from your publications.

Determine the types of content that will meet the needs of your online and print readers, as well as attendees of webinars and live events. If you want your results to represent your total audience, but don’t have a single audience file, don’t worry. Readex has the expertise to address duplication and weighting.

Salary Surveys Attract Readers Year after Year

The data from a Salary & Benefits survey bolsters your place as the industry’s premier information resource. By incorporating results in printed or online editorial, you’ll provide invaluable information that readers can use either as a point of reference or as support for their next salary review. Repeat the survey annually and trend the data. Your audience will anticipate your updates as the effort grows into the industry standard.

Drive people to your website with an online salary calculator or a regression-based compensation worksheet. Visitors love this hands-on approach to discovering how others in similar professional situations fare when it comes to compensation.

Brand Data that Sets You as the Industry Standard

A Brand Awareness survey can boost sales and sponsorships when you feature the results in special issues and events. In addition, when you sell comprehensive reports of the results, companies will benefit from valuable market data at a fraction of the cost of doing the research themselves.

Another benefit of Brand Awareness data is that you can usually illustrate that your most aggressive advertisers have the highest awareness, and that companies that want to improve their awareness should increase their ad schedule.

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