We’ve designed our full-service studies so that your involvement is only necessary during the initial phases of the project: working with us to determine objectives, approving the questionnaire, and providing the sample. After these steps, you can focus on your other responsibilities while we conduct your study.

Let us take your specific goals into consideration and shape a custom research plan that will meet your unique needs. We can help you succeed with a variety of surveys:

Audience Profile

Whether you call them customers, members or readers, your stakeholders have ideas, opinions, and preferences to share. Your Audience Profile Study results will provide you with a current and credible picture of those who help drive revenue to your organization.

Member Needs

What members need from your organization drives their decision to stay with you. Through a Member Needs Survey, you’ll have the opportunity to dig deep into members’ usage, satisfaction, and engagement with your current programs and services. With their feedback, you’ll learn where to focus your organization’s efforts for sustainability and growth.

Communication/Content Audit

How and what you communicate to your audience helps them stay connected and engaged with your organization. An audit enables you to understand what your audiences want to read, at what frequency and via what channels. This understanding is key to building and maintaining your customer, member or readership base.

Brand Awareness

Help your organization be the thought-leader, to advance overall industry knowledge and awareness. Provide market data that will benefit your customers, members, sponsors or advertisers and open the door to new revenue opportunities with those within your reach.

Salary & Benefits

Whether you’re a publisher or an association professional, a Salary & Benefits Survey provides current data about salary structures and compensation in your industry. Prove to your stakeholders your leadership, by capturing and reporting this valuable data. Incorporate results in print or online to bolster your organization to be seen as the premier information resource.

Editorial/Content Audit

Editorial Audits on publications or for an association are customized to meet your needs. An Audit Survey enables you to understand what your audience wants to read, at what frequency, and via which channel/vehicles. This understanding is key to building and maintaining a robust customer, member and reader base.

Conference Evaluation

Let attendees and exhibitors who participate in your events and conferences be a part of the evaluation process. Their ideas and opinions can shape conversations your team has about future content, organization and venue selections. Keep them engaged in the proceedings time-after-time so that they will feel like they are a part of the process. This will lead to their continued support and participation.

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