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Describe and Sell Your Audience

What claims do you make in sales presentations that you can’t prove?

What perceptions exist in the marketplace that you struggle to counter?

An Audience Profile Study yields information to reinforce your story and help overcome objections. Your questionnaire will be customized to reflect your particular objectives – usually to document reader engagement and to develop a detailed and compelling audience profile. Use results for your media kit, as well as in your daily selling efforts.

Prove Advertising Works

You’ve likely said “It Pays to Advertise” more than once. Prove it by conducting a Brand Study. Advertisers who run regular and robust campaigns usually come out on top in regard to awareness, use, and perceptions, which will reinforce your argument. Studies can be small and focused (a handful of advertisers in a key advertising category), or include hundreds of advertisers across dozens of product/service categories.

Add Value

Advertisers want to know how their message and creative resonates with their target audience. An Ad Effectiveness Study is a cost-effective solution to help them strengthen their marketing efforts. Use the study to attract advertisers into a thin issue, or set a minimum size criteria to incent fractional purchasers to upgrade to a full ad page. When the project is done, you will receive individualized reports on behalf of each participating advertiser that you can use to strengthen your customer relationships.

Generate Compelling Content

Articles based on Salary and Benefit Surveys are among the most read and referred to. That’s also true of features based on Business Operations or State of the Industry Surveys. If you are looking to generate readership, traffic, and buzz, execute one of these projects and use the results as the basis for content, giving your readers market intelligence they desperately seek.

Fine-Tune What and How You Deliver

What content resonates with your readers?

How do they want that content delivered … and how frequently?

Don’t fly blind when it comes to these important questions. What made sense a few years ago probably no longer holds true. An Editorial Audit directed to your print and digital audiences will help you fine-tune content and how it’s delivered.

For 70 years Readex has been conducting surveys for publishers and editors

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