Makes your life easier when you need to hear from your members.

When you need to survey your members but just can’t seem to work it in for whatever reason, let’s talk. Our Quick Connect member survey is aimed at helping you launch a survey with a minimum of pain and exasperation. The Readex team helps you with everything from questionnaire design, to sample set up and reporting. We will lead the way, with your input and approvals, harnessing the power of online survey research to explore the questions you have of your members.

Quick Connect Includes:

Up to 20 questions. This is typically enough to get at the important issues and keeps things manageable for survey participants.

Readex provides all question design and set up services, set up of the online survey website and management of all fieldwork activities.

When completed, we supply you and your team with data tables, including one set of crosstabulations and a PowerPoint deck with one slide per question.

A wrap up conference call to be sure everyone understands the data from your survey and you’re off to a good start using results.

Package price of $3,950.

From the point at which the questions are finalized, it’s about six weeks from start to finish.

Mike Zeman, Director of Sales-Custom Surveys, will be happy to talk with you about this program. Email him at mzeman@readexresearch.com to start a conversation. You may also download our Quick Connect flyer.