Pre-Event Attendee Surveys are now more important than ever.  Understanding how people want to attend (in person or virtually) provides feedback on a host of issues and lets you make concrete plans.  Even if you decide to use a hybrid event, giving people the choice to attend in person or virtually, what you learn informs decision-making.  Once the “how” is determined, then it’s on to other decisions such as content, hours, pricing, and in particular, if you have an in-person component, health, safety and security protocols.

Post-Event Evaluations provide attendees and exhibitors alike the chance to tell you what happened.  They’ve spent the money and it’s terribly important to make sure they want to come back the next time. This means you must understand the experiences they had from start to finish. For you, it’s important to hear the truth.

Well-considered, well-designed surveys provide information that help you get dialed into what your stakeholders need and want.  Our team has the experience and know how to listen to what you hope to learn and build a survey that meets the mission.  And when the study is done and information is in, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you and your team understand results and put things to good use.

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