What’s a Good Response For a Mail Survey? Over the last nearly 80 years, Readex has completed countless mail surveys in a broad spectrum of markets. Based on this experience, when a mail survey is needed, we are often asked about response rate expectations. The short answer is this: It depends. What main factors influence […]

Are Incentives Worthwhile? Does the use of an incentive in surveys provide a benefit in terms of increased response? Typically yes. The specific increase will always depend on the type of incentive, nature of the market you are working in, survey subject matter and survey length. And it’s difficult to predict the amount of “lift” […]

Lousy List, Lousy Survey? We all know that a mail survey’s mailing list is the lifeline of a research project. The mailing list, or survey sample, is meant to represent your population of interest—the group of people you wish to learn something about. Recently, we implemented a mail survey that was intended to represent a […]

Will Color Printing Give Your Survey a Boost? Occasionally we are asked if color printing (versus black and white) is better to use as part of a survey mailing? Will this treatment generate more attention and ultimately a better response? Our Opinion: If you’re looking to use color to boost your survey’s response rate, it […]

Does a Mail or Paper Survey Still Work? Readex has been in the business of conducting surveys by mail since 1949. Clearly we know something about this methodology! Of course, with more and more work shifting online, we are frequently asked about the viability of mail/paper surveys going forward. We have a few random thoughts […]